Sunday, March 25, 2012

Other Projects

Hello! It's been so long since I posted on this blog that the babies I made soup for last spring just had their first birthday and took their first steps. Oops. Sorry. I know that many people still come to this blog and read the archived posts. Google says 2,500 of you came last month! I could go on and on with the list of reasons why I haven't posted in the last year, but suffice to say my energies have moved on to other projects.

See, I do eat! I just am writing about food elsewhere
I would like to point you towards at least one of those projects. I write regularly on another blog that has more of a spiritual focus but in my life spirituality and food are intimately linked. This lunar year (autumn 2011 to autumn 2012) I have been doing monthly posts on Jessica Prentice's book Full Moon Feast. I know many people who are into Nourishing Traditions are discovering Jessica Prentice's amazing work, so you might find some interesting stuff over on The Wheel and the Disk. Click here for the main page, here for all posts related to Full Moon Feast and here for all the posts labeled "recipes".

I am also still active on the Discussing Nourishing Traditions listserv. Feel free to join the group and reap the benefits of all of our collective wisdom about Traditional Foods by going to this website. You can also search our public archives at

I hope this year has been full of good food and good friends for all of you. I may post again to this blog, but I may not. The future is an unwritten book. I'm glad you all still enjoy my writing and find it useful.